Choosing a Buyers Agent for Your Dream Home or Investment Property (Ultimate Guide)

Choosing a Buyers Agent for Your Dream Home or Investment Property (Ultimate Guide)

You’re going to need a buyers agent when entering the Australian property market. A buyer’s agent is very important when purchasing a home or investment property, but hiring a random buyers agent you found online isn’t enough to give you an upper hand in the local market.

You need to make sure to interview multiple buyers agents until you find the right one for your needs. But with all the agents offering services in the Sydney property market and Melbourne property market, it can be hard to make the right choice.

So, we’ve created this ultimate guide to finding buyers agents. Below, we talk about the roles of a buyers agent during property purchases and how you can find the best buyers agents for your needs.

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The Buyers Agent’s Role in a Property Purchase

Whether you’re looking for your first house or investment property for passive income, you’ll need a buyer’s agent by your side. The buyers agent is the opposite of a real estate agent, wherein they represent the buyer instead of the seller during property transactions. They can help all property buyers find the right property that fits their budget, suits their needs, and meets all their preferences.

Your buyers agent is your best friend throughout the entire buying process, as they will help you dive into the real estate market to find what you need. On top of that, they’ll be there to negotiate with the selling agent and real estate agents who are selling a certain property.

The best buyer’s agent is there to give you a competitive advantage when entering the real estate industry. Since the Australian market is really competitive and you need a wide network for a successful purchase, buyers agents are invaluable nowadays.

Choosing a Buyers Agent for Your Dream Home or Investment Property (Ultimate Guide)

How Do You Choose a Buyers Agent?

So, now that you know the importance of a good buyer’s agent, you need to make sure that you choose the best buyer’s agent for your needs. When you enter the market, you’ll find many buyer’s agents offering their services. While most buyer’s agents in Australia are qualified and well-trained, it’s best to take your time to ensure that you choose the best fit for your goals. To make it easier for you to choose the best possible buyer’s agent, here’s a quick breakdown of how to choose a good buyer’s agent in Australia.

List Your Goals

The first step in finding buyer’s agent to assist you as you enter the real estate industry is to list your goals and needs. Property buyers tend to get very excited when purchasing real estate and forget to list down what they need and want from a property before entering the market. Remember, the Australian market is massive, so if you don’t list down what you want, you’ll get overwhelmed by all the options.

On top of that, listing down your goals and needs as you enter the buying process makes it much easier to choose buyer’s agents that provide you with the service you’re looking for. When you take the time to list down your needs, you can compare all the buyer’s agents that you interview with your goals to see if they’re the right fit.

Research Local Buyers Agents in Your Area

After listing down your goals, the next step is researching the different buyers agent firms, agencies, and freelancers in your area. You’re going to see a lot of options when you search for a buyers agent, and it’s important to explore all of your options.

When looking for licensed professionals to serve as your buyer’s advocate, we recommend tapping into your network. Try asking friends, family, or even coworkers if they know any buyers advocate providers in the area. The right agent can help you find property sooner and assist you throughout the entire process, which is why it’s always best to explore your options.

Conduct Interviews with Multiple Buyers Agents

After researching the buyers advocates in your area, it’s time to schedule interviews. We recommend scheduling interviews with elite buyer agents to save yourself time and effort. Also, make sure to ask about their credentials, experience, and how they’ll help you find the perfect property for your needs.

The interview is the phase wherein property buyers and property investors learn all they need to know about a buyers agency or agent. So, don’t be shy to ask all the questions necessary to assess whether or not this is the buyer’s advocate for you.

Make a Choice Based on Your Needs

After interviewing all your options, the next step is choosing the right buyers agency or agent. Again, we recommend referring back to your list of goals and needs that you made at the start of this process. When you do that, it will be much easier to find the perfect buyers agent to steer you towards your ideal property.

Choosing a Buyers Agent for Your Dream Home or Investment Property (Ultimate Guide)

Important Qualities to Look for in a Buyers Agent

When interviewing different agents, there are certain qualities that you need to look for. In this section, we’ll dive into them to make it easier for you to find the right agent for the job.

Local Knowledge and Experience

To start, all buyers agents need local knowledge and experience. It’s crucial that your agent knows the ins and outs of the local property market and has a wide network of real estate agents to tap into. When your agent has these qualities, you can rest assured that you’ll have an easy time buying property.


It’s important that you can call or contact your agent whenever necessary. For example, certain selling agents may make an offer, and you need your buyers agents there to help you negotiate or advise you.


Lastly, you have to make sure that you and your agents are compatible. When you have a good working relationship with your agent, buying property will become much easier.


There are many buyers agents and agencies in Australia. While most of them are good, it’s crucial for investors and buyers to find the best agent for their needs. So, when you start looking at different agents in your area, make sure to refer back to this article!

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